IoT and Embedded Prototyping

With expertise in Design, Development and Manufacturing, we can help with all your IoT needs. We have contacts with Marketing and funding experts to sell your ideas. No matter the complexity of your idea, we can help produce an implementation plan and more. We can offer fixed price, flexible price or equity partnerships based on where you are with the project.

We can help with creating or improving:

  • Proof of Concept
  • Prototyping
  • Creating Manufacturing Documents
  • Project Management
  • Hardware & Software design

With almost unlimited options inside the IoT (and electronics) sphere, Lost Consulting can help your sort through the choices and create the product of your dreams. We pride ourselves in making sure that you understand the pros and cons of each Technology. The risk profile changes significantly depending on the chosen tech so this choice is cruial to making a successful project.


Technologies that with have direct experience with:

  • Programming Languages: Rust, C/C++, PHP, Javascript (JS)
  • Microcontrollers including: AVR, PIC, ARM
  • Off the Shelf Hardware: Arduino, Raspberry Pi (inc Compute Modules), Teensy, Trinket
  • Sensors including: Temperature, Pressure, Flow Meters, Gas Detection, 4-20mA sensors, light, audio
  • Communications: 3G Modules, GPS, RS485 Modbus, BLE
  • User Interface design: Touchscreen, Buttons, Text LCDs
  • Power Management: Mains connected, Battery, Vehicle connected
  • We are also open to learning about and working with new technologies

Not matter your project, we have no doubt that Lost Consulting can make your idea a success. Contact us now to get started.