Beginning with IoT

We have developed a set of modules that allows software or hardware developers and project managers effectively start using IoT (Internet of Things) in their business. It is focused towards people that have an understanding of software or hardware about the various things that need to be considered.

We look at your current capabilities and tailor make a course that expands your capabilities into the IoT sphere. We can show you how to design hardware for manufacture, produce reliable software and even outline the pit falls that can sink your project. We can focus on your specific industry and where IoT can (and can't) help.

Whole companies, departments or even individuals will get value from this course. We will supply all hardware and the goal at the end is to have a functioning IoT prototype.

For those in upper management, we have partnered with Clevvi to produce a course that covers a holistic approach to IoT. We cover Prototyping and Design, but also Marketing and Risk management. We outline the opportunities that IoT can provide, particularly those that are not obvious.

Our course is fully flexible to you available time and budget and we can come to you.

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